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Monday, October 17, 2011

Second try... (And hopefully first success)

I have been meaning to start a real blog that I actually keep up with for a while.  But between school, work, reading, and other responsibilities, I always seem to push it aside and tell myself I will do it later (we all know this feeling too well I'm sure).  Of course it never gets done later and the blog that I always envisioned sits as an idea in my head instead of something that could really be great.

My vision consists of a blog that will catalogue the journey I have been on solidly for the past two years, to consume as many fantasy novels as I can, hopefully before I die (or my senses fail me).  In those two years, I have read over 20,000 pages worth of what, in my opinion, are some of the best stories that could be told.  I have read multiple books from some well known authors such as Brandon Sanderson, Peter V. Brett, Terry Goodkind, and G.R.R.M.  I love every second that I read, and I can never seem to get enough.  Because this time is so valuable to me, I realize that there are others that could enjoy what I have as much as I have.  As it turns out, this blog just isn't for me and my records, it is anybody out there that wants to read a good book and partially share the experience with me.  You will see me post quotes and blurbs from the books I am currently reading (try reading one with me sometime).  I will also be very informant of new releases in the genre; books that I always get really excited about.  General information (links to author's websites or blogs, etc...) will also be available on the site when I get more time to organize it the way I like.  I am going to try to blog everyday or at least every other day.

So, I finally here I sit, alone in my apartment, and I step away from my Zoology homework, the dirty dishes, and, regrettably,  'Mockingjay', to make my second attempt at a place where I can store and share the books that I love.

Reading Update: 3% of 'Mockingjay'

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