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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mockingjay (The Entire Hunger Games Trilogy)

So, it seems that I have not only finished 'Mockingjay' by Suzanne Collins, but consequently, have finished the last book in the Hunger Games Trilogy.  I must say that this trilogy was ultimately one that I could not put down.  I usually never read a series all the way through by going book to book to book.  I usually space it out by reading different books in between over the course of 6 months or a year, depending on how long the series is.  But with the this series, I read them practically back to back to back, and boy did I love them.  (Thanks for the recommendation Sheila!)

Based in a futuristic North America, now called Panem, a girl named Katniss struggles through hardship after hardship in which none she can excape.  The worst of these being two death match-like 'games', from which the series gets its name, in which children compete and kill each other until the last man standing is crowned the victor.  Katniss is also witness to the death of many of her friends whose deaths she blames on herself.  Through it all, she is also faced with the decision that will affect the rest of her life; who does she love?  Her best friend, Gale or her protector, Peeta?

'Mockingjay' is the heart-wrenching, yet satisfying end to it all.  The world is changed, and Katniss begins a new life.  She thinks of all the kind acts that have ever been done for her as the book draws to a close, and you, as the reader, are pleased that she has finally found comfort.

I would recommend this to anyone who loves young adult fantasy such as Harry Potter or Percy Jackson.  The book is aimed for a younger audience, but don't let that fool you into thinking that everything is happy and rainbows the whole time.  Go out and get a copy of 'The Hunger Games' and after you finish, I am sure that you will be purchasing the other two as well.  I borrowed all three of them on Ebook Fling, but I will definitely buy them to own in time.

P.S. There is a movie called "The Hunger Games" based on the book, set for release in March 2012.  It stars Jennifer Lawrence, who you might recognize as the younger looking Mistique from "X-men: First Class"  Should be a good one; check out the teaser trailer.

Reading Update: 20% of 'The Eye of the World'

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